Stanford’s Unofficial Guide

The Stanford Unofficial Guide






Ch 1—Introduction

Welcome! As leaders of the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) and Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE), we welcome you to the Farm! Believe us when we say that we are eagerly anticipating your arrival to campus. In just a few short weeks, Stanford’s students, classes, professors, and student organizations will not only engage your mind …

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Ch 2—Cardinal Culture

—an insider scoop to life on the farm At Stanford, we take our passions seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  The culture of “work hard, play hard” runs deep in our bones, and with it, comes a slew of Stanford traditions that run from cute to quirky to “you do you”. This is …

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Ch 3—Housing

Housing & Residential Life Since most students live on campus, Stanford has developed many diverse housing options in the hopes that everyone will be able to find a home at this university. From the freshman year roommate experience to awesome row house parties or close knit co-op communities, the residential experience at Stanford will shape …

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Ch 4–Food & Dining

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Ch 5—Academics

Odds are that if you opened the Explore courses website, you’d find a lot of classes that interest you. The best thing you can do is to sample classes that seem appealing to you. Maybe you’ve known from the tender age of three that you’d really like to be an astrophysicist, but you’ve still got …

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Ch 6—Communities

Activities and Communities on Campus Stanford’s countless opportunities can prove quite empty without the right people by your side. The fantastic news is that Stanford’s social spectrum spans far and wide, and so you can spend freshman year seeking out communities till you find the ones that fit just right. There are student groups, theater troupes, sports …

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Ch 7—Wellness

Vaden Health Center + Pharmacy (650) 498-2336 866 Campus Drive Medical Appointment Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:15am-7:30pm, Fri 9:15am-7:30pm Stanford students and their spouses or domestic partners can use this pharmacy which offers: full prescriptions, Internet refill requests, counseling on different medications, over-the-counter items (think common cold stuff), and emergency contraception (Plan B). If you have …

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Ch 8—Transportation

With an estimated 12,000 rack spaces, a bike shop, and even a class dedicated to building your own bike, the University makes it easy to live on two wheels. Golf carts are tempting but permitted only for disabled students, conference-staff, and SURE escort-ees. A car is an option for going off-campus, but it’s not very …

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Ch 9—Off Campus

With so much to do on campus, you might never get around to leaving. However there are some seriously cool things to do in Bay Area when you need a break from college campus life. Below we’ve put together just enough to get you started – if anything piques your interest, ask around, get googling …

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The Business Listings

Business Listings Accountants Doling Chang Ashmore, CPA  (650) 321-8744 430 Sherman Avenue, Suite 314 Palo Alto CA 94306  f (650) 321-8653   Apartments Country Sharon Apartments  (650) 854-8661 2225 Sharon Rd Menlo Park CA 94025  f (650) 729-5955 Attorneys ASSU Legal Counseling  (650) 375-2481 520 Lasuen Mall, Old Union, Ste. 103 …

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The Dining Listings

Dining Listings American Hobee’s Restaurant  (650) 856-6124 4224 El Camino Real Palo Alto CA 94306 Hobee’s Restaurant  (650) 968-6050 2312 Central Expwy, Mountain View, CA 94043 Bagels House of Bagels  (650) 322-5189 2190 Bayshore Rd Palo Alto CA 94303  f (650) 322-6829 Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels  (650) 329-0700 477 S. California Ave …

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  1. Jack Kollmann

    there’s the statement that Adelfa is a writing focus house.

    Lagunita Court (Lag)
    Located between Roble and Governor’s Corner, Lag is made up of 5 houses, given the Spanish names for various plants: Adelfa (oleander), Eucalipto (eucalyptus), Granada (pomegranate), Naranja (orange), and Ujamaa (extended family in Swahili). Ujamaa is an African-American theme house, and Adelfa has a writing focus. Lag’s central courtyard is one of more picturesque spots on campus, and the rooms have sinks. It is the closest dorm to Lake Lag, and in the dining hall you can see old black and white pictures from back when the lake was full of water!

    Adelfa has not been a writing focus house for two years now. Could you please eliminate this statement? It confuses a lot of students.
    Jack Kollmann, West Lag RF

    1. ad-vp

      Good catch. I think we finally corrected this here and in the print version in the future.

  2. Marcela Chaverri


    We are contacting you from the Graduate Student Information Center (GSIC) and we open up in the Graduate Community Center( GCC)) during the month of September to welcome all new Graduate Students. We are hoping to receive 3 boxes of the unofficial guide 2014 to have available in the center as we have in the past. Wouldd it be possible to request a few boxes an have them sent to us please? We are at 750 Escondido Road ( GCC) 2nd floor #212 Mailcode: 7130. Thanks in advance!

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