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  1. krishna Kanukurthy

    My son will be attending the Stanford University from this September for his undergrad studies.
    I am wondering whether he and his parent can become members of your credit union, so that he can get a student visa card and also open a banking account with you for his personal banking.
    If a parent is also allowed to become a member, I would also like to open an account so that any university bill payments and transfer between his account and mine will be much easier.

    Please let me know our eligibility to become members and utilize member services.
    with regards,
    Krishna Kanukurthy

    1. ad-vp

      The short answer is, “Yes!”
      Contact: https://www.sfcu.org/contact

  2. Jackie

    The pizza my heart coupon on the website expires on 8-31-2013. Can I still use it? Thanks!

    Best regards,

  3. Mary

    I need to submit some updates to the Stanford Directory. How do I go about doing this?

    1. ad-vp

      Email me at wfreeman@sse.stanford.edu

  4. Joy coslet

    I have been unable to reCh Jacquie sew and sew by phone hot hours now. There is no email or cell phone info on her website p. Any suggestions? Ypthx

    1. ad-vp

      Phone and hours are on the listing. That’s all we have.

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