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The Unofficial Guide


Stanford Directory Staff

The Unofficial Guide is written by Stanford students for Stanford students.

Production Notes

The Unofficial Guide was written and revised throughout the spring and summer of 2014. The content comes from original sources and any reproduced material is used with the source’s permission. The opinions expressed in The Unofficial Guide are not representative of the opinions held by the Stanford Directory, Stanford University, Stanford Student Enterprises, or the Associated Students of Stanford University.

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As leaders of the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) and Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE), we welcome you to the Farm! Believe us when we say that we are eagerly anticipating your arrival to campus. In just a few short weeks, Stanford’s students, classes, professors, and student organizations will not only engage your mind through unparalleled learning experiences, but also provide you with incredible memories from an irreplaceable time in your life. And as you embark on your own Stanford journey, we’d love for you to get to know the ASSU and SSE family! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the elected leaders or staff listed. We are so looking forward to meeting you!

Until then, wishing you so much happiness and success.

  • Elizabeth Woodson, President, ASSU
  • Logan Richard, Vice President, ASSU


Table of Contents

Ch 1  Cardinal Culture

  • What’s Your Word?—Lingo on the Farm   
  • What Do You Wear?—The Stanford Student Store
  • What’s Your Favorite?—Traditions
  • School Spirit
  • On-Campus Events
  • Off-Campus Events
  • Parties

Ch 2  What’s Your Home?—Housing & Dorm Life

  • Residence Halls
  • Frosh Dorms
  • Apartments
  • Self-ops
  • Co-ops
  • Greek Houses


Ch 3  Where Do You Want to Eat?—Food & Dining

  • On Campus
  • 11 Best Things to Order on Campus
  • Dining Halls
  • Meal Plan Options
  • Nearby Spots

Ch 4  What Do You Study?—Academics

  • Popular and Interesting Classes
  • Libraries
  • Studying Abroad
  • General Classes

Ch 5  Who Are You With?—Cardinal Community

  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Arts
  • Community Centers
  • Athletics
  • Greek Life
  • Student Government
  • Religious Life

Ch 6  Where Do You Go?—Beyond the Bubble

  • Getaways
  • San Francisco Concert Venues
  • Museums

Ch 7  Health, Safety, and Wellness

Ch 8  Transportation

Business and Dining Listings

Business and Dining Coupons


Ch 1—Cardinal Culture

Stanford is its own 8,180-acre town, surrounded by the towns of Palo Alto, Los Altos, Menlo Park, and Mountain View. There’s a lot going on in the greater Stanford area, but don’t worry: the Stanford campus offers so many services that you’ll hardly have to leave campus, especially freshman year. Many students ride a bike …

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Ch 2—Housing

[What’s Your Home?]        “Where are you living this year?”            —Every Stanford student ever   Housing & Dorm Life With all the hassles and complexities of day-to-day life here at Stanford, many of us look forward to heading home for good meals and friendly faces. It is in our residences that most friendships are …

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Ch 3—Dining & Food

[Where Do You Want to Eat?]   Food & Dining On-campus Eats: A Brief Listing of Places You Might Frequent The Treehouse (Tex-Mex and pizza); Tresidder Union, First Floor CoHo (coffee, sandwiches, salads); Tresidder Union, First Floor Stanford Bookstore Cafe (coffee, sandwiches); Stanford Bookstore, Second Floor Food trucks (varieties of Asian foods and other ethnic …

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Ch 4–Academics

What Do You Study?       Academics If you opened the Stanford Explore Courses site, closed your eyes, and randomly put your finger on any class, chances are you’d find a good one. You’ve got a wide array of academic options at Stanford. It often feels like too many options, especially right after you find out …

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Ch 5—Cardinal Community

Who Are You With? The great commonality for any Stanford student is community. And it’s no wonder; there are A LOT of communities. There are student groups, theater troupes, sports teams, ethnic groups, dormitories, email lists, organizations, and just about anything else you can think of on campus. So how do you, presumably a freshman …

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Ch 6—Beyond the Bubble

Where Do You Go?       “It’ so nice to get off campus” — Guy who just came back from Town & Country   The Stanford Bubble is a real thing folks. And why wouldn’t it be – Stanford is a tasty treat. But the Bay Area is just as delectable. Get off campus. …

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Ch 7—Health, Safety, and Wellness

Health, Safety & Wellness   On Campus Pharmacy Vaden Stanford students and their spouses or domestic partners can use this pharmacy which offers: full prescriptions, Internet refill requests, counseling on different medications, over-the-counter items (think common cold stuff), and emergency contraception (Plan B). If you have Cardinal Care, the prices are low but there is a …

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Ch 8—Transportation

Transportation         Useful Resources   Parking and Transportation Services (P&TS) (650) 723-9362 340 Bonair Siding Hours: Mon–Fri 7:30am–5pm The website above is the site to visit for all things transportation— local to distant, bikes to buses. It provides all kinds of helpful services, including: bike maps and registration information, info on carpools and vanpools, …

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Ch 9—The Countdown

32 Things to do before you Graduate Hike the Dish. Fountain hop. Throw a friend in the shower for his or her birthday. Go on ski trip and make questionable decisions. Visit Cantor. Get photographed by tourists (bonus points for posing with them). Join in the Dead Week Primal Scream. Kiss someone (or more than …

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The Business Listings

Business Listings Accountants Doling Chang Ashmore, CPA         (650) 321-8744 430 Sherman Avenue, Suite 314 Palo Alto CA 94306  fax (650) 321-8653 Airport Transportation Stanford Yellow Cab            (650) 321-3535 935 Sierra Vista Ave, Suite A Mountain View CA 94043 Apartments Country Sharon Apartments            (650) 854-8661 2225 Sharon Rd …

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The Dining Listings

Dining Listings American Hobee’s Restaurant              (650) 856-6124 4224 El Camino Real Palo Alto CA 94306 Hobee’s Restaurant              (650) 968-6050 2312 Central Expwy, Mountain View, CA 94043 Artisanal Snack Shop Fraiche             (650) 838-9819 200 Hamilton Ave Palo Alto CA 94301 Breakfast Hobee’s Restaurant             …

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  1. Jack Kollmann

    there’s the statement that Adelfa is a writing focus house.

    Lagunita Court (Lag)
    Located between Roble and Governor’s Corner, Lag is made up of 5 houses, given the Spanish names for various plants: Adelfa (oleander), Eucalipto (eucalyptus), Granada (pomegranate), Naranja (orange), and Ujamaa (extended family in Swahili). Ujamaa is an African-American theme house, and Adelfa has a writing focus. Lag’s central courtyard is one of more picturesque spots on campus, and the rooms have sinks. It is the closest dorm to Lake Lag, and in the dining hall you can see old black and white pictures from back when the lake was full of water!

    Adelfa has not been a writing focus house for two years now. Could you please eliminate this statement? It confuses a lot of students.
    Jack Kollmann, West Lag RF

    1. ad-vp

      Good catch. I think we finally corrected this here and in the print version in the future.

  2. Marcela Chaverri


    We are contacting you from the Graduate Student Information Center (GSIC) and we open up in the Graduate Community Center( GCC)) during the month of September to welcome all new Graduate Students. We are hoping to receive 3 boxes of the unofficial guide 2014 to have available in the center as we have in the past. Wouldd it be possible to request a few boxes an have them sent to us please? We are at 750 Escondido Road ( GCC) 2nd floor #212 Mailcode: 7130. Thanks in advance!

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